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  Team Application

Any/all applicants understand that it is the intent of this Youth Football Tournament to gather teams that exemplify outstanding sportsmanship and are of a comparable skill level to that of other teams within the Tournament.  Any/all application information must be filled out COMPLETELY for review of the Tournament Board for possible selection.  This is an "invitational" tournament and this application is merely a request for consideration for an actual invite to said Tournament. 

Returning teams (in good standings with the Tournament) do receive an automatic invite, however we do still ask them to submit a new Team Application each year to update our records and confirm current Team Information.

Your Name:   Title: Coach  Asst. Coach  Rep
Your Email:   Team Name:
School District:   City and State:
League Website:   # of Players:
Team Website:   Age Limit:
Team Type - Please select one of the choices below that best describes your team:
10u ONLY (no player can turn 11 on or before September 1st of this year)
12u ONLY (no player can turn 13 on or before September 1st of this year)
If you wish to enter more than one team, PLEASE CHECK ALL TEAM AGE GROUPS THAT APPLY.
Intramural (true team that played together all season against other teams from the same city)
Intramural All-Star (tournament team made up of players from various teams of the same intramural league (same city))
Travel  (true team that played together all season against other teams from other cities)
Select All Star (tournament team made up from players from various travel teams (from other cities))
IF you are an ALL-STAR Team, how many teams
are being combined and/or from selected?
Your rules - Please tell us a little about the rules your team is accustomed to playing:
RB Wt. Limit:   Any other Wt. Limit:
Kick Off Rule:   Punt Rule:
Extra Pt. Rule:      
This answer has no bearing on your team selection, but would your team being willing to play Friday Night?   NO (but willing to play 9am Saturday morning)
YES, after 5pm  YES, after 7pm  YES, after 9pm
Please note teams that are unable to play Friday Night will probably have to play as early as 9am Saturday morning.
To get a feel for the size of school district your youth program is based, what Division is your High School (if an All-Star Team, please select the Division size of the largest school district):   D1  D2  D3  D4  D5  D6  N/A

Initial here stating you (and the team you represent) have read, understand, and fully agree with the Tournament RULES and CODE OF CONDUCT: 

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